A modern covered market for farmers was officially opened on the 7th of September 2022 in the town of Mezdra. The project was implemented by the Municipality of Mezdra with funding from Fund FLAG in the amount of BGN 1.8 million, secured through the Bulgarian Investment and Coordination Platform for Urban Development.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Mezdra, Ivan Asparuhov, shared that the creation of a farmers' market, which would be open throughout the entire week and not only on Mezdra's traditional market day, has been a long-standing dream for its citizens and local authorities.

The covered market has two main parts each with a length of 36 metres, overlapping in three axes, and specially designed shopping passages for customers. The market has a total of 48 trading stands - 24 for each of the main sections. The built-up (covered) area of the market is 820 square metres. There is a dedicated stage for public events, which is to become a venue for social networking and events. Additionally, a playground, multiple green areas, a fountain and an outdoor parking lot have been built in the adjacent spaces.