The Fund FLAG team took part in Climate Fresk. The Climate Fresk is a board game with 42 cards, each representing a climate change factor. Participants are guided through an engaging process that helps them discover the link between the causes and consequences of climate change as well as identifying possible solutions to the crisis. The game's facilitator was Martin Zaimov and the message the team arrived at is: "It's time for action! Everything is in our hands!"

The idea for the game was born in 2015 when French professor Cedric Ringenbach created and tested it with his students in order to help study complex climate interconnections. Based on the findings in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports, the game is proving to be an extremely interesting innovative tool. Named La Fresque du Climat, a climate fresco or mural in French, it has quickly become one of the primary tools by which complex climate science reaches thousands of people around the world in an understandable way.

Three years after its launch, the game has proven to be such a success that Professor Ringenbach establishes the Climate Fresk Association, which is dedicated to training facilitators, distributing the game around the world and raising awareness on the topic of climate change. The game's creators have set a goal of reaching at least one million people by 2023. For months now, the Climate Fresk has been in Bulgaria thanks largely to Wind of Change.

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